Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hello, dollies.

I was recently gifted some large shipping tags that an art pal had Gelli-printed up. At first I thought I was going to make them into some kind of artbook. I'm doing an art doll swap right now and with some Pinspiration decided to use the colorful tags for my dolls.

I got over my art doll nerves with the Junker Jane style dolls a couple of months ago and this time I wanted to be even more...loosey goosey. Basically I just wanted to aim in the ballpark of a person-like shaped thing with legs and a head. Forget about necks and arms and bodies all that.

The tags were the LARGE 3"x6"-ish shipping tags - a little too big for what I wanted to do. I experimented with the first one by trimming the sides down. As for the height, I got the great idea to fold up the bottom and make a pocket to tuck something in. I didn't want to take too much away from the tags by cutting a bunch away or covering them with lots of things. The pocket gave a perfect spot to tuck the legs into as well. I cut a little slot at the fold and fed the legs through, then glued them in and covered with washi tape.

I printed out some head images (mostly from Pixabay) and found some decent legs by way of Pinterest (Sandee's Sanity). Then it was just a matter of putting everything together with some of my hodge podge craft supplies; sticky gems, sparkly pipe cleaners, baker's twine, ribbon.

These 2 bigguns did not get trimmed. I printed the heads a little larger than the others so I took advantage of the full tag. Almost everybody got a removable heart.

These are the slender gals that got trimmed...they're now all about 2.5"x4.5"...

Mannequin Head is the only one without a removable heart.
Frida's hides a little something...

I am pretty tickled with how they turned out. I think my future of altering tags into people-ish doll things is bright, ha.
I'm keeping Mona Lisa for myself and sending the Postman to the awesome art pal who sent me the tags. That one's actually my favorite and I tend to always send out my favorite of a group because I feel it's the best one of the bunch.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August already.

I have to admit defeat: I didn't complete my own Cut+Paste July challenge. Last year I guess I had a lot less projects on the burner because I remember sticking to the daily prompts more consistently and actually completing them daily. This year, heh. I had other distractions: swap projects, family visiting, my phone dying. I would just look at my gluebook and think, "ugh, I don't want to work on you today." It's still on my worktable and I'm working to finish it when interest is there. I'm not going to work on it when I'm feeling ugh about though because that will just lead to garbage.

So, yeah. My phone died. And silly me had turned off the auto backup, so a lot of my recent photos were lost. Mainly, the rest of July's projects, which you can just go check out on my IG if you really want to see. I don't have the patience to embed all that shit here.

Thankfully, New Phone was acquired and I can continue over-documenting my artsy-craftsy projects again. First and foremost, it's time for another round of the quarterly ATC swap...

The theme is ARTi-FACTS, which is basically Nick Bantock inspired art.
Layers and antiquey-old world aesthetic, vintage ephemera, natural history, etc.
I put together a Pinterest board for inspiration: look.
If you're interested, this is a USA-only ATC swap for mixed media collage ATCs.
More details are available on the IG post: here.

If you've paid any attention to the crafting community lately, you know artist trading coins are all the rage. I avoided them for as long as I could because...they're ATCs a bit smaller *shrug*. Like I was commenting to another artsy pal, all these fad projects coming down the pipe are the same thing, only slightly tweaked by a half inch. Skinnys, moos, rolos, twinchies, tiles - same basic idea in different shapes. Whoop-di-doo. I finally gave in though because I mushed coins with another creative project: adult merit badges. THEN they made sense.

Throughout July, while working on the gluebook and swaps, I would take whatever offcuts I got and glue them to a sheet of cardstock that I kept under the cutting mat. The idea being that I'd eventually have a masterboard background ready to go. And I did! I bisected the masterboard and smeared each section with different colors and punched out 2.5" circles with my Big Shot. Then I made up a collage sheet of likely images from Pixabay to use...

and thought up some sayings to go along with.

"Didn't piss off the cat today" is my fave of the bunch.
I'm going to use a couple of these for the Swap-bot swap I'm hosting, then trade the rest.
Will I make more coins? Eh, I don't know. They look cool, but I can do a lot more with the standard ATC format. I'm a square rectangle.

Anywho, I'll wrap this up with a pic of my oft-stared at "Star Wars Wall" in my craft cave.

Minimalist I am not.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Oh look. It's July.

Here we are, another month along in the year. I usually don't even bother making a blog post unless I have a clear point in mind. Can't say I have that right now, but I'll keep going anyway.

The end of last month, my parents visited. They helped us with another big house project: fixing our deck. For awhile it was just "let's replace a couple of boards," but when Husband's foot went completely through one board a couple of months ago, then Cooper's (dog), then I started poking at some of the softer planks with the broom handle, it was decided the whole thing should be replaced. All of the planking and some of the supports. It took all week to do, because it's hot as hell here (did you know? Florida's hot) and it wasn't all that safe to work between the hours of 11AM and 4PM. It's 90% complete. We still have some railings to fix/replace and we have to stain it.

I called in an audible and asked that the railing along the entire length of the back be made sitting friendly so that's one long bench.
We're staining it a more natural brown and getting rid of that barnyard red.

Creatively, Cut+Paste July has started. Looks like I'm the only one playing along this year. Womp womp. It's taken a little jazz out of my step, but I'm still going to stick with it. I'm a day behind, because Husband's been home on vacation this whole week and it's thrown me off my routine. But I'm determined to get stuff done today. Here was the first day's entry...

Yesterday's prompt was Natty Moss Bond and I'm going to need to dust off the sewing machine again and try to sew some paper. I'm feeling a little more confident because I just got the sewing machine out last month to make a fabric/sewing project and it wasn't as scary as I imagined. I made that irreverent prayer flag (freak flag) I mentioned in my last post.

It came together with some iron-on adhesive, hand-stitching and machine stitching.
It was made for a swap I hosted and luckily perfection wasn't required.
Also lucky: how much fabric, trims and what-nots I have in my stash for someone who only works in paper. This stuff was already here, waiting to be used.

I'm still on my self-imposed ATC break. I'm trying to get rid of the archive of ATCs I've made and haven't traded. There was something like 60 last I counted. I managed to put together some themed sets of 3 cards each and have given away 21 so far on Swap-bot and Instagram (interest was way hotter on IG, surprising/not surprising). I want to get most of them out of here so when I come back to making ATCs, I'll have a clean slate.

How 'bout that...a post.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


According to the post list, this is my 100th post. Wow. I'm actually surprised this blog is still up and I post to it fairly regularly after 2 years. I don't have anything else going on except sharing my art, so I guess I'll just keep on keepin' on. Here's to 100 more.

The exciting news this time is that the prompt list for #cutpastejuly is live. I've been sitting on it for a couple of weeks already and there's still a couple more weeks left in June, but ugh. I can't hold it anymore. Last year was the first year and not that I consider myself so popular that hosting a daily art challenge is a big deal, but I'm just really looking forward to it as a personal project. I get in a mid-year seasonal funk with art and following a list and filling a whole gluebook (and having people work along on the same list and share their stuff) was pretty therapeutic last year. ANYWAY! Here it is!

This year I threw in a few techniques and some favorite collage artists.
I'll be working in a gluebook again. I made a duct tape journal that should be more expandable and easier to work in than last year's magazine journal.

In other creative news, it's been 6 days since my last ATCs were made. I finished 2 sets of cards that I can use for this month's mixed media collage ATC swap.

I started the bottom set and was kind of iffy about it, so I started the second (top) set.
AND THEN I got iffy about that set....I went back and forth, but finally finished both to my liking. Now I just need to decide which ones to use for the swap. I don't even know for sure if anyone else is participating. LOLOHSHIT.

Since then, I've moved on to some mail art projects. I held a little RAK giveaway for kids on Swap-bot for those cute monster sticker ATCs I made and got a wild hair up my butt and made a mini zine to go along with them.

It's got Summer activities in it like a backyard scavenger hunt and a "design your own Hawaiian shirt" fill in, plus some images to color.

I also marked this month's Artsy Mail Pals swap off my list.
We're making creative hands - hand-shaped art cards.
I've made 5 so far and love how they turned out.

I used a clip art hand as a template because I liked its shape.
I want to make more, because it proved to be a great excuse to cut up some pretty papers I've been hoarding for ages, but I need to start planning my next project: an irreverent prayer flag or "freak flag" for a Swap-bot swap I'm hosting. Gonna get the fabric out! Might sew. Oooh boy. Will have to wait for Mom's visit though because I've forgotten how to work the machine, it's been so long (and I didn't really know what I was doing to begin with).

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Just keep going.

I'm in a weird sort of middle-blah mood where I have a lot of creative activities going on, and have a long list of things to-do, but I don't have anything I really want to work on right now. So I'm just kind of poking things and shuffling papers and doing laundry. It's like being hungry in a house full of food but you don't want to eat any of it.

*rolls eyes*

Anyway, since my last report, when I said I was going to go on a postcard-making bender because I've been making too many ATCs...I managed to make ONE postcard.


Then I got nervous about deadlines and put the postcard pot on the back burner. I made another accordion house for the Artsy Mail Pals swap.

I thought I was being all cute & clever making a gnome home, but 2 other people made gnome themed homes, too. 😄
Maybe I'll make another one in a different theme...will have to see what pops up.

Over in Swap-bot "Lord of the Flies" Land, I'm hosting a few swaps. Some public, some in groups. Public ones are more nerve-wracking because there's a lot more admin work and watching involved. It's a necessary pain in the ass if you want to mingle with new people though.

I had to go back to ATCs because I'm hosting ATC swaps. One is for altered Mona Lisas - one of my favorite themes.

I used bodies from a Roaman's catalog we recently got and was tickled at how seamlessly her head fit on the bodies.

BTS of the surgeries.
I'm also hosting another big group ATC swap - after the Art Ladies swap worked out so well, I've decided to go ahead with hosting quarterly.
New subject - same mixed media collage style.
I even broke down and went back to Pinterest to make an art inspiration board for it.
I had deleted my account previously because it was a dumpster fire of spam and click-bait like Facebook (which I also finally deleted).
I think if I just stick to making inspiration boards for swaps and stay away from the homepage, it'll be less aggravating.