Saturday, January 20, 2018

Insert clever title here.

I'm happy to report that since my last post I've properly broken in my new worktable making things.

The view from Thursday night's mail making sesh.
I was packing up ATCs & filling out handmade postcards.

Some of the ATCs were new ones made earlier in the week.
I had a stack of at least 20 premade mixed media backgrounds I was determined to work through. I let my little clipped image collection guide me to finishing each card.

Some favorites...

The hearts came about when I joined a mixed media hearts with positive quotes swap on ATCsforALL. I made 3 for the swap then just kept going and ended up with 5 more. Oy.

And today, while considering themes and swaps...and given the Women's March, I decided to host an ATC swap dedicated to women in art.

 If you're following along and make ATCs, hit me up for further info!

Monday, January 15, 2018

I'm all shook up.

The second week of 2018 turned out to be packed full of work. My parents came up and helped us with a mess of house projects. We assembled a garden shed, cut down trees, reorganized multiple rooms, fixed this and that. In amongst all the jobs we were tackling, I floated the idea/dream of mine to have a counter height worktable in my craftroom. And lo, my dad went ahead and built it.

I already feel more productive working at it.
Today we stopped at Goodwill where I found a perfectly-fine-for-now shop stool for $9.
I also got the cutest little tiered pedestal storage thing plus some other little useful bits.

The 2 level pink storage unit now holds paints, which used to be in the very bottom drawer of a plastic storage tower under my table. Now they'll be a lot easier to see and get at. 

Some art had to be shuffled around to accommodate the new height but these little pink drawers always find their place somewhere. I think they're going on 15 years old by now.
With all the building going on, I discovered that framing nails come in really cool plastic boxes perfect for holding scrap paper and cut collage images.
As soon as I decompress a bit from the busy-ness that was last week, I'll break in my new table properly.

For now, here's something I created in the hubbub of last week...

It's a wood panel I arted up at my mom's request.
She wanted me to make some "Elvis art" for Aunt Mabel and provided me with a booklet from an Elvis CD to use.

Aunt Mabel was one of those screaming/crying/fainting Elvis fans you see in the old news footage, lol. 😆 Hopefully she likes this piece.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Next to Halloween, New Year's has to be my favorite time of year. I get really excited about the physical and psychological changes that come with a new year starting; changing the calendars, fresh starts, new goals - everything kind of has a clean, optimistic glow about it.

My first batch of mail art to go out this year was a decent stack of ATC trades and a handmade postcard for a pay it forward tag on ATCsforALL. The things being sent weren't really new themselves, but I got to use some new, fun supplies on the packaging...

The cheeseburger rubberstamp was a Christmas present from Husband.
I think it's become a tradition that I get rubber for Christmas and I ain't mad about it.
(The "party llama" was one of the stamps from Christmas 2016.)
Also got some new stickers from Target when we went looking for after-Christmas sale stuff. Not a lot to pick from the holiday leftovers, but their Dollar Spot was already loaded for Valentine's Day.

And now we're all aboard the 2018 train, ready for whatever. Mail Pals has a new postcard swap up the theme is NEW. Appropriate. I got cracking on my postcards this week using a bunch of new papers and goodies.

First new supply from the new year to get wrecked: a Thrasher (skateboard) magazine I picked up at the bookstore this past weekend. Out of the hundreds of magazines I could have picked, this one won because it wasn't expensive AND it came with deck stickers. Like surfing magazines I've gotten in the past, it's filled with lots of cool textures: cement, structures, plants, typography, metal.
I combined ripped bits from the magazine with new scrapbook papers, palette paper pieces, images from my collage stash, spray paint splatters and pen/pencil details to make my first batch of postcards for 2018.

I've got a lot of ideas for 2018....or, I've just got a lot of ideas in general, let's see what can come to fruition this year. Yeah?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Cut this up!

Last week, leading up to Christmas, I got stuck in a little between projects bubble. I wanted to make something, but didn't want to make something too involved or messy because we were going to be leaving town for the holidays.

So I just started playing with papers. And thinking about collage sheets. I really like using and making collage sheets. I am not a fan of all the Victorian and/or Zetti style collage sheets that seem a dime a dozen. I like more real life, found objects and a hodgepodge of other random bits.

I started making this one on a piece of plain printer paper.
Once I considered how this would be mailed, I decided to make it in a way so that folding wouldn't cause too much of an issue to the images, so I laid it out as a one sheet zine (folio fold).
Before I started putting the items down, I spritzed in one section with spray ink 'cause I love me some splatters. Then I added the collage items: cut outs, some washi tape, small "spare parts" collages I had in my stash, pieces of paint palette papers, found words, even some real keys.
When I had a happy amount of objects down, I photographed the whole sheet, then uploaded it to work on it digitally.

This is where I did color correcting and added some digital collage elements.
Just like any other zine, I had to do a few proof prints to get everything worked out the way I wanted. I was having a lot of trouble with the neon green color-coding stickers so I made them blue. The pedestrian sign was also neon green and was printing weirdly so I had to re-color it as well.
When I was happy with everything, I printed 5 copies.

Simply numbered on the front and dated on the back.

I sent them off to mail pals who I figured might have some fun cutting up the sheet and using it as parts in their own creations.
I hope I can make these a regular monthly thing next year.
It took a little time, but was pretty easy spaced out over the course of a few days.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Oh happy horsey!

My wayward stamp order finally arrived yesterday and man, I was chomping at the bit to get my mail art train back on track. Last night I finished up a pile that had been hold up and it's been awhile since I shared any outgoing stuff here....

For the mailbox today: an AFA swap & trade, some return 'thank you' cards, an IG mailart trade & some random mail.

I recently set up a few paper trades on AFA and got some pretty fun stuff in return.
One of the trades was with someone I regularly trade ATCs with, so I made her a collage card using mostly papers she sent me...

I added the television set, the vintage ladies with head transplants & alpha stickers (also the stamped "oh happy day").
Because of the fiddly layers and somewhat more hazardous than usual conditions of mail this time of year, I'm sending it in an envelope...because of that there was a little more real estate on the back for the note & thangs...

The story behind the little head in the bottom corner: a stamp didn't stamp so well and I tried cleaning it up, which made it worse. So I covered it up with some collage.
Then I added the sticky glasses and lo, it's me!
I don't have dimples, but still. Pretty close.

Also on the back there is a new faux postage stamp I whipped up...

The snail is a new rubberstamp I got a couple of weekends ago at a local craft fair.
I took a sheet of printer paper, colored it with stamp pads and stamped the snail all over.
Then I punched out squares and added words with one of those dial-a-saying stamps.

The IG mail art trade ended up in a collage wrapped envelope...

The horse on the back is a pic I took of some graffiti down by All Saints Cafe ages ago (pre-relocating here). Another pal on AFA was kind enough to share some Trader Joe's stickers with me. I still have yet to get some at our local TJ's.

Inside the envelope, there's a couple of ATCs+some paper goodies.

I'm thinking this is probably it for big mail art sendings for the year.
Maybe an ATC trade or 2.
Pretty soon we'll be famming it up for the holidays so I won't be able to make anything.
Bring on 2018 already!